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I’ve been slowly contemplating different hosting sites, blogging sites, photo sites—It’s a toss up choosing what direction to pursue. Slowly, I have been studying, although there are several features that Blogger offers that WordPress does not, I will be sticking with blogger, but I might change the template. If I were into podcasting, and creating videos, Apple offers the prime network design through Mobile Me and iLife. Mobile Me can be found at a discounted price on E-bay. Mobile Me can be worth it, if a person takes full advantage of the features that are offered.

Google provides a fancy line up of services, free POP Gmail, blogger, Picasa, and iGoogle that are fully customizable, and a large rage of other products.

I have come across a hosting reseller program that I could make some extra cash by selling hosting packages. No money upfront, and I would end up with free hosting. The hosting company (Blue Host) I decided with last July is reliable, and I can host as many sites as I wish. I have until July to research, and choose the route I want to pursue.

I bought the Mac bundle from Mac and received Rapid Weaver that builds Websites. Even so, iWeb 09 is released and improved, with an easy-to-use interface. I find both programs easy to use and to navigate, although I like iWeb more than Rapid Weaver. It’s amazing the variety of different types of products that are on the internet and programs available. What Apple is releasing, and the progression of technology is remarkable. I may just buy a new MacBookPro in a year or two.

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