The Black Desert – Quartz Mountain!

Today I just went today to check out Al Qasr and the rest house that is there to stay at. Super kick back and chill village, I will be there for a good week. I will not be able to post for awhile. Here are some pictures of the Black desert.

There area (the above photo) is on the edge of Bawiti. Driving from Cairo the beige, brown, sand rock desert, slowly turns into black rock.

These next four photos are taken from a mountain we climbed. I must say once your at the top the climb was well worth it.

The black rock is like a volcanic type or coal type of rock. Beautiful hills and mountains made from the dusting winds over several years.

The below picture is the road showing how the black rock turns into white rock when traveling south.
Beautiful landscapes driving to the white desert to sleep the night.
The three pictures below are of Crystal mountain. Do you notice, the rock kind of looks like a crocodile or something.
An area of absolute quartz stone, boarding the black desert from the white desert.

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