The Boat Ride—Couch-Surfing—Crete.

Today I decided to stay in Iraklion to visit Knossos, and few other sites. once I go West I will not travel back to Iraklion because I can catch the ferry from Hania back to Athens. The pictures posted correlate with the first three pictures post on my Photostream at Flickr.

I took the boat ride to Crete on Tuesday night, which is nine hours long. A person can purchase a private cabin, a shared cabin for 60 Euro, or a simple deck ticket for 32 Euro. I bought the deck ticket. After a couple of hours a person pulls up a couch or floor and attempts to get some sleep. A decent price for the trip considering travel and accommodation. The vibration from the ship somewhat helps when sleeping on the floor, including the non-smoking room. It is astounding how a large amount of humanity is hooked on nicotine. Once addicted, boredom plays into the chronic habit. The food is decent on board, although the Internet is an extra cost.

Between my iPod shuffle, sleeping eye mask, ear plugs, and my small coil lock, everything was fine. My small coil lock allows me to lock my day pack to secure table leg or something solid. When I ordered my new backpack, I ordered a blow up neck pillow to receive the discount and free shipping to my mail forwarding service through, a great addition, very handy.

In April I will visit Santorini and a couple more islands. Before I go to the farm I will possibly do three different day trips from Athens, I will visit Corinth, The Temple of Poseidon, and the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The Temple of Apollo is the third place of choice I‘ve wanted to visit from the start. First was the Pyramids, second, the geographic location of Jerusalem, and third is Delphi. So far I have visited two different Temples of Apollo which are in Turkey. The fourth location of personal interest is Auschwitz in Poland—that time will arrive.

The ferry is like a cruse ship, several decks, restaurants, bars, and a disco club area. I know that I would not have an interest taking a cruse—not my style, although many people do enjoy staying on a boat and visiting ports. In addition, as a long term traveler, flying is detrimental to the cause. It is costly and tiring. From the time I left the hostel in Tel Aviv and arrived at the hostel in Athens, the travel time was eight hours, but only two and a half hours were in the air. I would much rather take a bus, boat, or a train. The trick is not traveling far from one place to the next. However, each person travels differently agreeing to their own personal uniqueness, even so there are some people that copy the “Jones” because of lacking uniqueness.

There are no dietary restrictions here in Greece; the ham and cheese croissants are hitting bottom with satisfaction. Don’t worry, I have already visited hell in Turkey for all you ardent dietary restricted folks, heaven is only one hundred meters from hell, so no dilemma. However, cheese intake should be moderated concerning my human chemistry.

The time couch-surfing was interesting, the girls are from Canada; they are on Crete for a year, in school for tourism. They are accommodating, and much energy, although too fast for my inner chemistry. I can say one thing from observing these girls I am happy I was born a male. The dynamics was interesting, filled with running fast emotion. Their issue concerning men and relationships is serious cause, along with the need for beauty and attention, although normal for the age bracket. Continually, I observe that the pornography industry has tweak the mentality of the younger generation; there are certain people that are just sexist. Also, because of the partying mentality, the majority of young people that start smoking wont be able to quit; some people never stop drinking because of the habit, and the stuffed emotional reality of the individual. Some people that get involved in hard drugs never recover, however, many people have recovered, and the episode proved to be a learning experience. This is not an absolute generality, there are outstanding, intelligent young folks in the world. Indeed, this world and peer pressure is much more difficult than in my younger days. I partied and explored with drugs when I was young, but not the hard drugs that exists today. The trick is to quit smoking or drinking before the age of twenty five, the process is easier at a younger age. I understand youth is youth, and a fast pace life of parties is common, although the complaining of the responsibilities of common life is detrimental.

I am extremely thankful I am older, than young, in this moment of life. I observe the domination of thought of society is from the media. It’s not positive, there is a lot of bad influences that stream through the media. It’s like people that follow the “Jones” are living a sit-com. A continual observation is that humanity struggles dealing with the responsibilities of common life, especially the younger generation. Facing responsibility, keeping organized, living quietly provides a low stress life, nevertheless, I continually observe people thriving upon stress and creating drama—the fear of boredom is a cause. Big life events can change a person’s life in mature adulthood—positive or negative, if needed.

The media is a cancer upon the minds of humanity.

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