The Egyptian Museum.

An update: I have a couch surfing gig happening. I am going to surf this guys couch who lives in the expensive, nicest, area of Cairo. Although, he is from England not Egyptian which makes it easier to communicate. If we get along, which I think we will, then I will stay in Cairo until January 2nd. I slightly sprained my ankle today, it has been strange because I knew something like this was going to happen. It is OK, I can still walk, just a little slower. Again, when something like this happens when traveling you have to be prepared. I went the Pharmacy and got some gel, an ace bandage, and took some Ibuprofen. I also took a zip-lock bag and I am freezing some water to get the swelling down. It will be OK, I can still walk on it and nothing broke. Knowing the body from massage school helps a lot. I view it as a test which just makes the traveler stronger and helps cultivate deeper patience.

Yesterday I went to the Egyptian Museum, a place not to be missed if visiting Cairo. Totally amazing in my eyes. I have studied this type of history all my life. Seeing sculptured humans out of wood, brick, and whatever else type of material is not the mind boggling part of it – it’s the detail – and that some items are 5000 years old dating back to 3000 B.C.E.

The antiquity from the Old Kingdom are the oldest items that has been found, then you make you way down to the Middle Kingdom, and then to the New Kingdom with Amenhotep III and Ramses II. The Egyptian Museum is packed with findings from antiquity. I was not able to get any pictures, although you might be able to find some on the Internet.

The area of King Tut out-shines the rest except for the Royal Mummy Room; King Tut’s tomb was found intact, the time they took for details to make some of these things should have anyone speechless. The Royal Mummy Room – which is an extra cost – is will worth it. If your wondering if there is a mummy of Ramses II – there is, which has been very well preserved, although there is not a mummy of Amenhotep III. I don’t find this a mystery.

Of over all, the two mummy rooms are the best of the best. I love seeing corroded flesh – skin glued to the bone, three thousand year old rotted finger nails, don’t forget about a missing toe or finger. Don’t worry there isn’t any vile fumigated odors. The mummified animals was very interesting also, they have two large Crocodiles on display. The mummified cats and dogs were interesting. Come to think of it, that would be the best thing for my former cat Kuttles, he deserves the honer. For all you sensitive or skirmish folks, live a little, enjoy life, get your feet wet. The Royal Mummy Room is the best of the whole Museum. Don’t forget your student ID, everything is half price. I have to admit I thought the Grateful Dead are so dead they’re grateful. These mummies look very grateful. Some have a smile on their face showing their rotted teeth.

Ramses the II was not the Pharaoh that Moses dealt with. The Pharaoh that dealt with Moses died in the Red Sea. Plus, his first born son died. I do know the mystery of who the Pharaoh was. Although, you will just have to wait until I get to Luxor for the enlightening information. First things are first, tomorrow (Monday) I am going to hang out with the lady I met on the plane. Before I leave Cairo I will see if I can get a visa for Syria. Looks like I will be seeing the pyramids of the Old Kingdom. Dashur, Saqqara, Giza, and the ancient Capitol of Memphis of the Old Kingdom on Tuesday as long at as the foot is OK. Pictures of the Old Kingdom will arrive soon.

It took awhile to find a couch to surf. Although through a person just has to keep e-mailing people. I will be my first couch surfing experience.