The Gift of Talent.

Here is a clip of the wonderful movie, Singing in the Rain, staring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds, singing and dancing to the song Good Morning. A classic wholesome movie of the 1940’s. Watching classics on DVD becomes a whole new experience, next to VHS.

If I would have enough time, I would start a blog just on MGM song and dance movies. It would involve researching the careers of the different actors and actresses. Watching movies and writing reviews and posting video clips. If anyone wants to steal my idea, please do so.

I remember when I was young I was watching Singing in the Rain, I would say I was around nine or ten. Way deep down, within me, I was told I was granted with natural dance ability. Even though this inner thought was not manifested on the surface; to the point that I was conscious of it, at the time. Nevertheless, when I started to salsa and ballroom dance, that deep inner feeling proved to be true. Consequently, I learned that any deep feeling should be thoroughly investigated. Everyone has some talent with something. In this world a person needs to dig and explore to manifest a talent, which is a gift; from the Divine Father.

He is a clip of Fred Astaire dancing on the walls and ceiling. In those days, of the 1940’s, this was an incredible mind boggling special effect. They never gave out the secret on how they accomplished the special effect.

Nowadays, due to the lazy lifestyle of computers and TV, dance can prove to be a very healthy activity, not only for the body, but also the mind.