The MacBook Air: An Ideal Computer for Traveling

traveling computer the macbook air

Yesterday, Apple upgraded the ultra-lightweight MacBook Air laptop computer along with updating the MacBook Pro line. If you are a Mac person and planning on doing some traveling, cycling touring, or living a nomadic lifestyle and need a computer—now would be the time to buy a MacBook Air.

It is a toss up however, the eleven inch Air is small and weighs in at 2.36 pounds, and if you will be using iCloud, the $999.00 base MacBook Air would suffice. With iCloud you can store all your music, photos, documents, emails, and more. This is the future for the computers, and in time, most computers will be offering solid state storage because of the cloud. Yet, I am not too keen on storing my personal information on an external server, but everyone is different.

The 13″ 128 GB is the best buy comparing the four different configurations. For a $100 more from the 11 and 13 inch 128 GB you get a bigger screen, a slightly faster processor, SD card slot, and longer battery life. Both models have the back lighted keyboard and 4.0 bluetooth upgrades. I never use the DVD drive on my current white Macbook so why carry the extra weight?

Having 4 years of international travel experience and carrying a 5 pound White MacBook around, the MacBook Air is ideal for a nomadic lifestyle. Mostly all program applications are on the Internet for download, there’s no point of having a DVD drive for most users. With the current upgrade, the MacBook Air is very fast and with 4GB of RAM will handle most tasks.

For International Cycling and Traveling the 11 inch MacBook Air is ideal because of the small compact and lightweight. Yet since I do freelance web design I really need the 13″. I bought my 13″ MacBook Air last September and have been very happy and extremely productive using the operating system of Lion. I will think about if I want to buy a new one and sell my current MacBook air or just wait.

Apple updated the Processors to the third generation i5 & i7 Intel Ivy Bridge, choice of more memory and storage, faster solid state hard drive, Intel HD Graphics 4000, and USB 3 slots. Mountain Lion OSX will be available this July.

If you are a PC Windows person, what matters is the brand of computer, return policy, and most importantly their service center.