The Nitty Gritty.

Getting down to the nitty gritty in life. I find that smaller items are ending up in my backpack. It’s OK for now because I know that I will just decrease when need be. The biggest problem is packing books. I must limit the number of books; two should be the max, one travel book of the country I am in and the other book I am reading at the time. Three books could work but that is really pushing it.

Due to the fact I will have my truck until November ninth, I will be bringing extra things to Yosemite and Sierra Hot Springs, such as warm clothes. The Mark Twine book I bought is quite thick. I am going to start reading it and might get done with it by the time I land at my destination, it’s only 450 pages. Sounds like a lot, but really, if a person does a lot of reading it isn’t all that much – of course it helps if your fully emerged in the reading, there are many books that can fully draw a person in; it’s a great experience.

For people that don’t read (there are many), that person will base their learning on experience, which I find can be limiting due to the fact some people (not everyone) have very few experiences to learn from; this has been my observation in life. The reading material I enjoy are books of a higher level of consciousness, books that are based on fact and that are true, true biographies and life experiences of others, overall I love reading scripture (I am not referring to anyone set).

I started a year in a half ago getting rid of my material things and I am glad I started back at that time. Getting down to the small things – basically a few things just gets thrown away or given away. I am leaving a few things at this house that the house-mates will be able to use.

Goal setting, perseverance, sacrifice, patience, non-attachment, understanding what is meant to be in one’s life, are qualities that produce fine fruit. It has been a long eight years and four months that I have been living in Santa Cruz and I am very happy to be leaving and moving on. Farewells are difficult, although there is no reason to have an emotional attachment.

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