The Political Darkness.

I posted information about the First and Second temple eras of Jerusalem and of the City of David on, in addition to adding many pictures.

Staying in Israel for a length of time it is clearly noticeable that Western interests are manipulating the situation of the Palestinians. After the partition in 1948, nobody really ascertains what really happened, who attacked first, before the war of independence. It is clear; the British manipulated the situation before they left Palestine. Before the war ended in 1949 the lines were drawn. Secret talks transpired with Jordan. I viewed a map that was dated before the end of the war in 1949 in the Israel museum and listened to the audio commentary—the lines drawn on this map were not even on the green line. The Western powers planned this situation long before it took place to pursue globalization in preparation of the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness and the New World Order. The powers of the Darkness are extremely crafty and subtle to attain their goal.

The Gaza syndrome is demented. Hamas declared a victory concerning the war. A victory? You might ask, how, what, and, where? The connection to their victory is to display to the world the destructive killing machine the IDF displays. 1300 people died in Gaza next to 13 Israelis; 500,000 people are homeless. Major amounts of buildings are destroyed that will cost over a billion dollars to reconstruct. Considering that Gaza has nothing to lose because of the injurious and adverse blockade the Israeli government maintains upon the borders of Gaza—Hamas is reacting to a systematic humiliation caused because the West could not accept the free elections of the Palestinians in 2005. The Israeli side of the subject is that Hamas is required to relinquish violence and recognize Israel to receive welfare payments.

The common people of both sides are donating to Gaza, Israeli, and Palestinian. These political entities are playing the game against each other with the common people of both sides are suffering on the sideline.

It’s a total compete travesty, and Israel does not have a solution. The international communities wont pay the bill, even if they portray their willingness. It is very interesting talking to Palestinians around Jerusalem. The Palestinians in Jerusalem do have Israeli identity cards or passports, but they have no rights. I met a person who attended collage for law, and the Israeli government will not grant him a law license. The Palestinians cannot speak freely; questioning and jail time may occur for several days. The question to ask, does Israel want peace—yes they do—but on their terms. If they did want swift peace, the process is simple—all the 200,000 Israeli settlers need to move out of the West Bank into Israel. If Israel needs a wall because of their fear, it should be built on the Green line. Building a road or tunnel from Gaza to the West Bank without an exit into Israel would be essential, and then Gaza needs their airport and shipping port open so they can export and import, and pursue tourism for money. A corridor from the West Bank to Gaza would provide free movement. Every Palestinian would agree to this solution, previously, they have alluded to this concept.

This remedy is too black and white for Israel, many Israelis say that life is not black and white and there is no simple solution. This entire system, similar to every other country, is a complicated bureaucrat farce, even for your common Israel—the process of the system is complicated. It’s a correct notion, the government does not want the simple solution, they want their own type of peace, which consists of systematic humiliation, and degradation—the predominant desire is they want the Palestinians to move away. Why is it that nobody cares for the Palestinians? One word sums up the subject—Propaganda!

Do not take this as an absolute generality, I have met and stayed with many pleasant good-hearted Jewish Israelis. However, many Israelis, and religious Jews believe in the ideology of Zionism. Zionism began with European Jews who strived for the birth of Israel, and believe in reclaiming of their country; even so, there are extremists that continue to chase Zionism, and the settlers in the West Bank are a product of Zionism. Since the nation of Israel exists, Zionism should be dissolved. The difference from the Jewish West Jerusalem and the Arab areas of Jerusalem is remarkable. Listening to different stories of the Palestinians of Jerusalem, it is difficult to not observe the Israeli government and the Zionists as racist. Yet, the common Israelis that I have visited with do not pursue this type of thinking. I am referring to particular extreme groups that romance their selfish driven ideology. Extreme groups who engage in their arrogant ideology exist within many countries around the world, including America.

Generalizing and combining the common people with extremists and governments that pursue their racist, demented ideology that stems from an ego driven force of the darkness, is a mistake. There are virtuous and ethical people, and atrocious and pathetic people in every country around the world.