The Quality of Travel verses Quantity?

Having the opportunity to run into many different types of travelers has been an experience in itself. There is a big difference between quality next to quantity regarding travel. The longest term traveler I have met was a German guy traveling for two to three years, I met him Baharyyia. I did meet an American couple that was traveling for a year, most Americans are out for a month or so, the few that there are, compared to Europeans. The time involved or element is not always the issue. I met a guy from Whales England, who was not in a hurry and who didn’t mind walking everywhere and was just enjoying the moment, he was on a holiday for only two weeks. I did just run into a French guy who broke his foot in Luxor, he was traveling with others which did help, although, for their month holiday, the broken foot did throw a detour into their plans. Each traveler has a different type experience – good or bad.
The guy from Whales is who I think of, a two week holiday, didn’t mind spending time with the locals, didn’t mind staying an extra day where he was if he needed to, he was OK just walking, who encouraged me to just get up and walk.

Is Quality better then Quantity? Would a person rather visit one country thoroughly for one month, than two many countries, which can run a person ragged? I just met a woman who traveled Israel, Jordan and Egypt and was downhearted because of the rush of time. If time is limited, the quality of time in any one place will provide a much more satisfying experience then just running from place to place. It does depend what a person is looking for on their travels, tourist verses traveler. From my personal experience by visiting with many travelers and tourists, many at the end are mince meet – run into the ground with exhaustion. Many have looked at me, regarding traveling Egypt for six months, with a perplexing face some ask, how am I dealing with it? Egypt for six months, they look at me like I am nuts. When mentioned about traveling for five to seven years the face of the westerner becomes confused, everyone will ask, what will you do when you get back? If a person is concerned over something that has not taken place the person would never leave long term. The westerner has a real hard time with the idea of giving up everything. The Egyptians all have the same reaction with the comment – Your a rich man! truthfully – I’m not, just granted an opportunity. Most westerners express their worry of the future or what to do next. The question is always with everyone – what did you do toay? My traveling does not consist of being on the move all the time. In England and France, they frown on the idea of traveling for more than a year. I guess they couldn’t get a job if they leave long term. In America I guess it will depend on how jealous the person might be when finding a job, although I have no reason to get a job in the negative work place again. Although in America a person can leave long term and still get a job when they get back. America is still a place of free opportunity.

From what I have written in the past is that my type of traveling is a lifestyle, not only a lifestyle, but a nomad lifestyle. Even the short term traveler can travel with this concept in mind. The moment is what matters. Living in the moment a person will find out that all things take place within that moment. In the moment is when a provision will take place – it’s all about faith at that very moment – that split second. From many discussions, most people are focused about the future instead of the moment. Some people express the idea of maybe missing an area and possibly have regrets. Where I am suppose to travel is where I will travel, those decisions will happen in the moment, all that matters is a tentative route and where I am going next. Playing the game here in Egypt is key to avoid being driven into the mud by the tourist touts. To avoid being run ragged, the trick is to just take your time and don’t be concerned about what you have to see or where you have to go.

Having a local share an orange, or something sweet, or some tea with you because of your time spent with them, sitting with them and not caring about the time spent; whatever the circumstances may be, it’s an experience of quality rather then quantity that provides an inner satisfaction which nobody can take away. Traveling with rich quality, despite your time, over-rides quantity. Travelers have different experiences – good and bad – it all depends what is meant to be according to the person’s karma. Selfishness is a barrier and a trap to the quality of an experience. I have met many at the end of their trip who were disappointed, burnt out, toasted, because of the quantity they took on their trip running themselves ragged.

Time is a luxury for the few, although; time can be a curse for the many, nevertheless; time is related to how a person uses it. The balanced perception of time is that it’s timeless. In this world time keeps ticking. The one selfish of their time will reap the raw benefits.

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