The Red Pyramid – Dahshur.

Here are some pictures of the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur. The Red Pyramid is the oldest true pyramid, meaning a perfect type of Pyramid. The Step Pyramid is the oldest, which I will have some pictures posted soon. This area that I visited today gives the feeling of how vast the Old Kingdom must have been. Today I experienced what the Old Kingdom must have been by using an eye from studying history for many years.

The Red Pyramid is well worth the trip down to Dahshur. Going inside was a trip in itself. The climb up to the entrance was a workout, although the 500 feet down into the Pyramid was lots of fun. This Pyramid has three different burial rooms. The third room was up three flights of stairs, which is the inner room of the tomb for the King. Within this Pyramid a person can see how they built the burial chamber first with the red granite perfect cut stone. The Red Pyramid is the third largest after the two at Giza. Pharaoh Sneferu built this Pyramid around the time of 2600 B.C.E..

Notice the entrance into the Pyramid to the right in the above picture.

From this area of the entrance of the Red Pyramid a person can see all the way to Saqqara which is a wonderful site, plus from here the view of the Nile Valley is spectacular. Viewing from where the green lush area of the Nile ends into desert. I find the Nile Vally to be amazing landscape to view upon and gaze at. This area of the Nile is filled with palm trees and lush green vegetation. They certainly used material from the palm trees to build the Pyramids. The material from the palm tree is very strong and rugged.

The Step Pyramid in the far distance looking from the Red Pyramid in the below picture. Visiting the Red Pyramid is a hassle free experience. There isn’t anyone who might hassle you because it is quite far away from the city.

The below picture is the Bent Pyramid which can only be viewed from a distance because the area is an army zone. This Bent Pyramid was the experiment smooth sided type of Pyramid. I took this photo with the digital zoom, to get somewhat of a close up.

The Old Kingdom of Egypt was a vast, powerful, Kingdom. Hard working people, which from today’s standards seems unbelievable. With enough man power amazing engineering feats took place.

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