The Sea of Aqaba – Dahab.

The sea of Aqaba, an amazing calm sea, pleasant, serene. I went snorkeling today in the sea very close to the hotel. What an amazing place. The coral, and the amount of beautiful fish is indescribable. Major amounts of beautiful fish swimming an arms lengths away. There isn’t any comparison to Hawaii. What a pleasant treat to be able to see such beauty. Tomorrow I am going snorkel at Blue Hole which I guess is way better then the place I snorkeled today. While I am house sitting I am going to rent some snorkeling gear for the whole week and snorkel at El Garden and the lighthouse areas.

Sitting in Dahab is wonderful. It is truly a beautiful place, even though Dahab is very touristic, the area still has a laid back atmosphere – a great place to chill out. I am just taking it easy and doing some snorkeling. Everyone is very friendly, I have gotten into some very good conversations with many Egyptians. The Egyptians are from all over Egypt who travel here for work. The workers might stay three months and then go home for two weeks to visit family. Even through many are from conservative areas of Egypt, they have more of an open mind because of the influence of working in Dahab. The atmospheric energy entrainment in Dahab is totally different than West Egypt.

The energy of Sinai is truly remarkable even though I haven’t entered the interior – I can feel it. All I can think of is the man Moses, Sinai certainly has his name on it. What a spectacular place; absolutely a rugged land beyond compare. For the inner spiritual heart – to feel that the presence the Divine was not here at one time – is indeed, an impossibility. Riding the bus I could see how Amenhotep III and his army, in his foolishness, chased the Israelites into the Red Sea and became filled with water to their death; how the hoard of six hundred thousand Israelites traveled into Sinai after crossing the Red Sea. With the mind’s eye backed with historical knowledge can make this possible. I do want to head into the interior, although I will wait for awhile yet.

It is starting to heat up, it might be a long summer. I am in the process of changing my daily routine. I will be getting up early and go wherever and do what I need to do in the morning. Around noon time I head back to where I am staying and hang out, nap, until the sun goes down. In the evening I will go out and about, most people do this in the summer. I have stopped drinking black tea; caffeine and sugar does not mix with the heat, plus caffeine is not good for me. If anything might prove to be a test, it may be the heat of summer. I do take the heat well, although I have only lived in moist heat not dry heat. This is a very dry heat.

It is strange how the energies change from place to place. Dahab is completely different then Egypt west of the Red Sea. Although the Egyptian men are still kind of strange people. I have found most to be very strange. Weakness with one’s emotion leads to and enslaved state with oneself. Lacking self-control – preconceived ideas are manifested. Boredom and loneliness are a clear manifestation among humans in this world.

I have been hanging around the woman from who I will be house sitting for in two days. She is a very nice person, we have been having tea every night, hanging by the sea and at the hotel. I have met some very nice people. Dahab is the most opened minded area I have experienced in Egypt, although this is Sinai and a resort area.

I finding out the last four months, traveling a more difficult country, has provided a firm, solid foundation, and will set the stage for my travels long term. A foundation with deep roots set in stone, not sand or mud. Cut down the leafs, branches, the stump will remain; chop down the stump the roots will remain and just start growing again. Sometimes within the last four months I did go through some tests, although facing a test head on, facing the challenge at hand – the result? Inner strength: which nobody can take away.

This is something the envious and jealous person will never be able to cultivate. Two negative emotions which will cement a person into the ground, stop them in their tracks, rot their bones to their destruction, because of their selfish stupidity. That’s life. That’s karma speaking.