The Sunset: Divine Glory.

Last night I was able to catch a few shots of the sunset. This first picture I was able to catch with a flock of pelicans flying through the sky. For a person that does not, or cannot, acknowledge an Almighty Divine Source; must have a hole in their head. All living, reflects the personality of the Divine; even the predator.

This is the view from the building of the Hostel of Pigeon Point. The atmosphere of the coast gives a very relaxing feel. I have always found the coast, with the crashing waves, to be very serene with the birds flying over head. Sleeping on a beach, with the sound of the waves all night, is the very best.

I found out 3459 species live on the California coast. Each living specie, has its own personality, which there is always a lesson to learn for us humans. I have been taught; learning, results by studying the depths of a subject.

This last photo I edited through iPhoto. Certainly a picture like this glorifies the Divine source of all.