The Tied Loose Ends.

Tonight I am in San Francisco. I took public transportation all the way from Santa Cruz which proved to be an interesting experience in itself. I know one thing I will be getting in very good shape with carrying my backpack around.

Arriving on the BART into downtown San Francisco was a rush in itself. I did learn that someone could easily get into my small backpack in a busy crowd. I do have little locks, which I can lock it up or carry it on the front since the backpack also has that feature.

So I am down to nothing except my backpack. Everything has taken place according to the time table. I just sold my truck this morning and got rid of my phone.

It really is a great feeling.

Last night I had dinner with my Cousin, which I will write in a separate post. Today, before I left Santa Cruz, I made a surprise visit on Bethan to say goodbye.

All the loose ends have been taken care of and I am shipping out, I am in for an adventure of a lifetime. I will post my plans tomorrow night or Sunday.