My Travel Lifestyle of Long Term Traveling

Lifestyle and a Travel Lifestyle is another subject I feel that needs to be addressed by the long term traveler. From past experience related with observation and listening to what others talk about, I have experienced that willing to change and accepting a certain lifestyle can prove to be valuable and beneficial by accepting the moment.

A lifestyle can become ingrained into a person’s life within time if a person desires to cause a change in their life; moving geographic locations can assist int he process. Allowing disagreeable ruts to dominate can be difficult to expose of once ingrained into the daily lifestyle. When a lifestyle change is forced upon a person, that person can be emotionally effected due to the attachment that was formed regarding the lifestyle.

One of the most interesting type of situations as an example regarding lifestyle change is to notice the rich and wealthy. Personally having the opportunity to know and observe the lifestyle of the wealthy, indeed change or inconvenience has the power to bend someone out of shape very quickly. The thought of staying in a hostel compare to the comfy five star hotel could send a person home in a quick hurry. Traveling with an expectation of going first class, expecting comfort and not willing to be flexible, and getting caught up in instant gratification would be a short lived dissatisfying adventure. “God” forbid a person having to move from a million dollar home to living in an apartment.

Excepting a certain type of lifestyle of being inconvenienced, sleeping in the same room with others, using a shared bathroom in budget hotels and hostels, and other not so comfy accommodations will be the key to traveling long term. A desire for instant gratification leads to impatience, dissatisfaction and non-fulfillment. Qualities that have depth which reside within will lead to excepting a travel lifestyle of humility.