The Truth—1947 of Israel.

Throughout the three months of visiting Israel, I have continually searched for the truth of what happened from the partition of Palestine in November 1947 to the time the Jews proclaimed their independent state in May of 1948, which the Arab states attacked.

The younger generation is clueless within their opinionated colorization of the situation. The younger generation justifies everything according to their patriotic and ideological positionality. Thus, seeking out conversations with older people that are not afraid to talk about the truth was required.

This is the honest truth of what happened in 1947. At the time of the partition, the British told the European Jews that the land was empty, and it was not. The land was inhabited with farmers, villagers, and towns-people. The people of Palestine were a simple people. Not only the British lied, the British supplied the Jews with arms of mass destruction (I am not referring to nuclear). If a person does not believe that the British supplied arms to the European Jews—then what did the Jews fight with—shovels?

When the Jews entered Palestine they entered through the wrong door, they entered Palestine through the door of war with their ideology of Zionism. They did not arrive as a peaceful people. They thought the land was empty and found out it was not, the ideology of Zionism fueled the Jews to conquer. The People of Palestine noticed this mentality and war broke out. The Jews, with the backing of Britain donating arms of war, won the land and the creation of the green line happened. During the war, they told the farmers and villagers to leave, but they could return when the war was over. The war ended, and nobody was allowed to return because the politics of the Israelis never intended to let anybody return. Hence, the politics from the very beginning was based on wicked intention.

Consciousness comprehends everything, any type of context that is true our meridians stay strong, and context that is false or negative our meridians collapse. Very few people comprehend the events of 1947, nor do they want to admit to the truth. If a person searches concerning the subject, most likely the Wikipedia will be found. Westerners who do not know the details of this subject have written the Wikipedia concerning 1947. The perception is the people of Palestine attacked first, although not true.

The Israelis that formed the government and the religious fanatics that pursue Zionism entered through the door of war, not peace. Today we can observe the intention of the Israeli government is not peace. War and the army is the only entity that unites Israel, this is a common thought in Israel.

I will be writing more about the power of the darkness and the fascism that is taking place in Israel.

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