A Travelers Reality of Cuisine and Disagreeable Emotions During Travel.

Food in Turkey, Turkish Oven

The travelers reality toward food can be a delight and a curse in addition to disagreeable emotions. Experiencing and savoring excellent cuisine from other cultures enhances interest and comfort for the long term traveler. Yet, discovering a location with excellent local cuisine, and departing the area can cause desire including a hankering appetite. Thus, an ambiguous curse of discomfort—craving the tasty morsels from a particular area from the bygone days may occur. However, sentimental appetite memories may persist for a lengthy period.

Gleaning culinary ideas and educating oneself within cultural traditional cookery can append to good health. The opposite extremity of obesity and gluttony can dominate an individual’s disposition even while traveling, thus, a focus on raw food can conquer the addictive habit of over-indulgence. The moderation of consumption among many different cultures are noticeable compared to plump America that leads the obesity arena. Yet, as the Western Imperialism spreads East, many cultures are growing chubby. How America became so beefy is beyond my intellectual cognition—America could benefit from a Ramadan. Attaining balance with food through self-control is virtuous, and adds to an individual’s self-esteem.

A Travelers Reality:

While I was at the hostel in Belgrade, I met a young American man from California. We started visiting about the dynamics of traveling; the young man planned an eight-month trip. He commented that he was going home instead of continuing with his travel plan; it has only been a six weeks. Common emotional dynamics that I observe in some travelers are the reason he is returning home. He expressed loneliness, missing his family, and desiring his own space are forcing him to return home.

Navigation in Belgrade

Navigation in Belgrade

He inquired how am I handling independent travel. First, I expressed that what he is going through is normal, I continually observe these emotional discrepancies within other holiday-makers and short-term travelers; additionally, I expressed to overcome these human emotions is difficult—not an easy task.

“They’re easy to do things of no good and no use to yourself. What’s truly useful and good is truly harder than hard to do.” – The Buddha

He asked my age and commented, ‘I guess a person can do things when they get older’? Affirmative, unless a person complicates their life. I explained how I view and except boredom, henceforth—boredom doesn’t exist within the reality of the moment. A long-term traveler needs to be OK sitting on his ass and doing nothing. I explained how to overcome personal loneliness, and I understand accomplishing this is difficult and challenging for the majority. I expressed that everyone has different styles of travel. Many people view my style challenging, yet my slow travel style is easy for myself even though there are some challenging moments.

It is easy to “think” that these emotional dynamics are easy to overcome, therefore it is crucial to understand that very few people can drive deep within themselves and root out disagreeable emotion. Talking to this young man I came to the understanding that even though the process is easy within my reality, it is very difficult for many others who attempt to rid themselves of disagreeable emotions. The majorities are fearful to dive deep within their inner-person.

Church Towers in Belgrade

Sveti Marco Church in Belgrade

Through traveling, the observant traveler ascertains that whatever you might be facing, another person somewhere in the world is facing a similar situation. The power of the moment will decide movement of action and a person can obtain the strength to overcome the emotion that is forcing an individual into action. Experiencing discontent within the moment can cause continual rational action. Indeed, the moment of reality is strenuous to attain—the ego hates the moment. The paradox dictates that all episodes and provisions occur within the moment—patience and discernment are crucial.

Within the precise moment of a clear emotional reality—all anxieties, concerning the past and future cease to exist.

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  • jon August 2, 2010, 6:10 pm

    Thanks for the article.. It can be tough starting out and sometimes I find that people who just arrive to Quito judge circumstances too quickly.. Articles like yours help to keep things in perspective.


  • Denise Michaels August 8, 2010, 3:32 pm

    I appreciate your article on feeling lonely during travel. I haven’t done long distance travel yet – still lining up income to put it all together – but I have a feeling I wouldn’t experience the loneliness you discuss so eloquently. When people find it impossible to simple sit and BE, well, maybe they’re a Type A kind of person, or, maybe they’re uncomfortable be-ing quietly with their own thoughts. In addition to seeing things I’ve never seen before I want to spend a few hours each day writing.

    I’m going to put a link to your blog – would appreciate a reciprocal link to mine. *smile*

    • Shawn August 8, 2010, 5:09 pm

      Thanks for the comment and the link, I added your link also.

  • Literati September 3, 2010, 10:13 pm

    Thanks for sharing. your post provided me a luxurious and enjoyable trip to all the important places of Sarajevo. Loved the pictures and the explanation was also mesmerizing.