Unye—The Black Sea Coast.

Unye is a very delightful, relaxing town that sits on the coast of the Black Sea. This area of Unye claims the fame to hazelnut orchards as in Giresun.

Uyne and Giresun are the nicest towns between Trabzon and Samsun. Arriving into the towns in the morning allows me all day to explore the town. Even though I have spent one night in a few towns, arriving early has provided a full day—the hotels are OK if you check in before noon.

There isn’t much to keep the traveler in Unye, although I did enjoy the time walking around town. Many of the restaurants in Unye are on the seacoast or up on the hill, I went to a nice place for dinner on the seacoast. During Ramadan, the restaurants are full—if you’re single, you can sit down with other people for dinner. I sat down with two young guys that are in high school, we had a bunch of laughs since they only spoke a little bit of English.

This restaurant was more on the high-class level. Observing and experiencing the higher-class lifestyle throughout my life, I can express that the higher class, snobbish mentality, of the “haves” compared to the “have-nots” makes me sick and want to throw up. The energy is repressed lacking a sense of humor; walking on eggshells is the atmospheric energy of entrainment.

Most high-class wealthy people have a difficult time with my easygoing, down to earth, non-attached mentality. Indeed, exasperating the demeanor and ruffling the feathers of the “haves” is easy to attain. However, not everyone that is rich materially is pompous. I have met a few people that do attain a balance concerning their wealth; although, the emotional reality of the majority becomes complicate, and insecure. The crucial essence of context concerning wealth is non-attachment, although not by words of the tongue, but through deed.

Nevertheless, each person is allotted his or her situation in life. People will experience karma according to their behavior—good or bad—in addition to being granted choice. Hence, the facts of a subject are important to recognize, although without judgment. Learning the actuality of opposites of a subject (such as wealth) through experience or observation, can lead to pursuing the love of the light next to the trap of wickedness of the darkness.

Last night I arrived in Amasya, a beautiful easy going town. I will have pictures posted soon.