Update: Mount Sinai – St. Katherines.

I have been basking in the area of Mount Sinai, which the town is called St Katherine and also El Milga which defines as – meeting place. This is a wonderful area, the energy is fantastic. I have throughly explored the whole area and climbed Mount Sinai – Moses Mountain is what people call it. The Bedouin people are very nice here.

The place I am staying is a very nice camp where I have met a lot of travelers. The Bedouin staff at this camp are very nice. The Internet cafe in town is very slow, although once I head out and I get on some fast DSL I will post pictures of this area.

The day I climbed the mountain was a great day and night. The climb took about two hours and I did climb alone without a guide. I hooked up with some Bedouin guys that run one of the coffee shops up near the summit. While I was resting before the last 100 steps we started talking – they cooked me dinner and I slept behind the coffee shop; they are some very nice guys who live on the mountain. It was wonderful sleeping outside up on top of the mountain. The trick was getting away from the tourists which I did accomplish. The way people were acting over the sun seemed like sun worship to me – I stayed away from the whole tourist syndrome. I have not went into the Monastary, which is the oldest standing Monastray at the foot of the mountain, it is only open from 9AM to 12PM and is always packed with tourists, again the tourist syndrome.

I might be heading out of St. Katherines on Thursday or stay the weekend, I not to sure yet. I will be posting beautiful pictures soon.

I know one thing for certain; the Monk that built the 3750 steps to the summit of Mount Sinai over fourty years – proves – that if a person puts their mind to anything; it can be accomplished.

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