Urgup, The BackSide—Cappdocia.

I decided to walk around town and thought of just walking up the hill to the Northeast side of town where the high class hotels are located. I continued walking (up hill) to the back end of the town and look what I found. There is a trail that goes around the large hill (more hill walking) where the people from history built there homes, which was cut from the rock into cave like homes.

As you can see from the pictures the landscape is stunning. This is just a taste of the landscapes of Cappadocia.  

On the financial note it looks like America has their head up their greedy ass. Acting upon inner want and getting into debt is stupidity. The Corporate leaders are the greediest, allowing huge companies to bankrupt, while the common worker loses everything. The greedy behavior of the nation is catching up—karmic bonds always attach.

On a personal note, financially everything is looking great. The interest rate plunged down to 2.50%, my bank just started a new savings account—you’re not going to believe the title—a traveler savings account that pays 3.80%, what a deal. In addition, when I first entered Turkey five weeks ago the exchange rate was only 1.18 YTL to the Dollar, today it is at 1.30 YTL. Every 200 YTL I was pulling cost around $180.00, now it cost only $155.00.

Last night I went to this wine house called Ailanupa here in Urgup, I had Turkish Ravioli. Wow, what a treat, the mother of the family owned wine house cooks the meals. I also had a glass of the local white wine with the meal. Any restaurant where the mother cooks the meals is worth spending a little extra.

Today I am heading out to Cavusin or Goreme. About 100 pictures have been uploaded to shutterfly, some excellent pictures from the Museum in Ankara.

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