Zedekiah’s Cave.

A couple of days ago I wondered around East Jerusalem. Between the Damascus Gate and the Herod Gate remains a rock quarry that dates from the times of King Solomon. During the era of the first temple, this rock quarry provided stone for many building which they used throughout the ages. Today, the entrance is through the wall of the old city descending into the ground. During the time of King Solomon, this rock quarry was outside the city.

As they dug further into the ground, they left stone pillars that supported the ceiling from caving-in. The last picture is of a skeleton from the Rockefeller Museum. There is no comparison of the Archeological remains in the museums in Israel than in the surrounding countries, the museums in Israel are lame compared to Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. The museum in Istanbul is the most outstanding to date.

I walked from the Herod’s gate to the Dung gate in the old city. There is a considerable difference entering the Jewish quarter of the old city. Most, if not all of the Jewish quarter during the war of 1947-1949 were ruined.

The Jewish Quarter consists of a modern appearance. I experienced a considerable change of energy trekking from one quarter to the next within the old city. Earlier in the day I walked around the Christian quarter that is also Arab, but Christian. I don’t have much of an interest in visiting the churches; my interest is visiting with the Palestinians and the geographical position of the city. However, I will be visiting the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount soon.

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