Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest states in central India where you can get many histories. People coming from distant places wishes to see the tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. The tourist spots include religious temples, natural beauty, caves and historical remains. Tourist also calls Madhya Pradesh as the cultural heritage of India. You Read more

Immersing oneself into a culture helps in expanding the worldview and it can create a greater understanding between seemingly isolated groups. Art is a great way of ensuring 100% penetration into the most innermost secrets of a given culture. The expressive nature of the art can allow an artist to move beyond current limitations and Read more

India has a long tradition of donating riches to their deities, a practise continued through ages. History is replete with instances where invaders came looking for the treasures stashed inside temples. The temples in India are abundantly rich with possessions that it is still not possible to record and value all of their assets. Take Read more