3 reasons to travel to Ireland

If you are looking for a new place to travel to this summer that you can easily drive from one end to the other and discover an olde world charm, Ireland is a great choice. There are few better ways to explore a country than by car and Ireland is easy to navigate and offers slow travel at its best. Here are my top 3 reasons why Ireland makes a great vacation spot:

Stunning landscapes mixed with city life:

Ireland is the perfect combination of city life combined with rural countryside. Miles of rolling green hills dotted with ruins of castles and churches abound in the country and the brooding loneliness of the steep cliffs and isolated beaches make for a stunning visual experience. The wilderness and Lakelands of rural Ireland make it the perfect place to explore, and when you tire of the countryside you can return to Dublin for some authentic Irish city flavour. The city Dublin is an incredible combination of new combined with old and there are several architectural masterpieces that must be seen.

A cultural and historical treat:

Parts of Ireland seem not to have changed for hundreds of years. Everywhere you go you will find an incredibly rich history, highlighted by the breathtaking monuments of a prehistoric land. From fabulous ruins of Ireland’s monastic past to family castles both restored and in ruins, you can explore the home of the Celts and come to love the history and passion the Irish people have for their land. If you tire from the historical and cultural side you can also enjoy modern entertainments such as top games at http://www.iphonecasino.com.au, where you can indulge in the Irish passion for a wee flutter o’ the machines.

Enchanting inhabitants:

Irish charm is legendary and you won’t find a more hospitable country anywhere else in the world. Renowned for their generous party spirit and kind heartedness, the Irish will welcome you with open arms and buy you a couple of pints at the same time. You can easily be absorbed into the village or farm way of life and the thatched cottages and rural pubs and restaurants offer fare aplenty for the weary traveller. Ireland is like a balm for your sole, and although the cooler climate may not offer endless days of sunshine it has its own mystical attractions.