A Change of Plans—Greece.

The pictures are of the bay of Patra, a beautiful area of Greece.

A change in events, I left the cottage situation. The primary reason is that the irresponsible, miserable owner would not provide me with safety goggles to shred the olive branches. Contemplating that she did not want to buy work gloves until I said I would buy them myself, and the lack of a concern for my personal safety, concerning my eyes, displayed to me that she does not care about her fellow citizen. Their extreme passion for their dogs, plants, and orchards is deranged, it is totally imbalanced; however, what else do they have in life? Nothing—including an enjoyment of oneself; thus—that faithful dog provides friendly interaction, the result of personal behavior of disrespect, fear, and contempt toward their fellow citizen.

Dealing with a person that is emotionally congested based on selfishness and fear—tacitly playing the their game is crucial. This type of person thrives on playing the victim that deludes the person as self-righteous based on justification. This type of person will subconsciously search for an opportunity to discredit, abase, and bring the person down to their level of shame. Strategically, I never allowed an open door. Instead, I played the game that flabbergasted their emotional reality. I never displayed a flustered demeanor because of their behavior of oddity. I always manifested gratitude and a positive demeanor. A spoiled person cannot understand why discomfort isn’t a pestering inconvenience to someone. I arrived at the Cottage from the main house last Monday, the owner bought some food for the cottage, in addition I brought some essentials without their cognition. This allowed me so say “NO”, when they asked whether I needed anything. They would ask whether I needed anything everyday, although whenever I did express myself they acted like it was a burden concerning my request, so, I turned the dynamics around. Thus, my answering, “No” perplexed their mentality. After two days from asking for safety glasses—to no avail—I knew it was time to leave, and to append to their shame I cleaned everything in the house, took out the garbage, and left the cottage clean and sparkling. The sister arrived to feed the dogs at the cottage, I explained I am leaving because her sister will not buy safety glasses, and I did not let her give me a ride to town, I took the bus. Hence, I left the situation positive, and left them to swim within their negativity.

I did e-mail Wwoof.org requesting them to take this farm off the list, because a violation of the safety rules.

It will work out OK—I have a couple of potential housesitting situations in the wings. The first place would be for six weeks in Bulgaria, there is a dog and a cat that I might be taking care of including the house. I will travel Greece until April 15 and then enter Bulgaria. I have been in contact with Happy Hippie Dave through Help Exchange.net, who is building an eco-organic hostel that I will visit possibly for a month. If so, from that farm, I will head to the house sitting situation, unless they choose someone else. In addition, I contacted a couple that live in Germany, but have a house in Romania that I can stay as long as I wish. The house is in a very small village in Transylvania, as long as the food market is close, both situations will provide free accommodation.

From Patra, I shall travel Peloponnese, south then east, and then head through Central Greece to Bulgaria. My plan is to enter Bulgaria April 15. The time at the cottage was worth it, it allowed quality solitude, something I require periodically.