A Four Day Excersion

My four day excursion was very nice and relaxing, in actuality it was four in a half days. I was able to leave Sunday afternoon. I drove down to Nipomo, which is just north of Santa Maria. I had planned only Wednesday and Thursday night with reservations, which was in Cambria and Monterey. Decided to keep things kind of open and see how it goes.

Sunday night, my destination was a hostel out of the network of Hostelling International, which was Uncle Bills farm hostel. The only words I can think of are, “what a rush”. Basically his house is more on the pack rat level. All I could think of was; get the dumpster out and lets recycle. His house is not on the dirty, dirty level, although with every counter in the kitchen cluttered and stacks of papers that are dust filled, I had a very hard time not laughing out loud when I walked in. It is a small town farm, meaning his home is in town. There are roosters, goats, a pig, a horse, and three dogs. The horse was very friendly. In the morning he blows his bugle at 8am for anyone who is staying there to get up. I found it comical. One night was enough at Uncle Bills. I decided to keep going south and visit Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is a very nice area, a lot like Santa Cruz.

The hostel in Santa Barbara was full. I did contemplate on sleeping in my truck, but I really was not set up for that. I got down to Santa Barbara by 10 am, enjoyed the full day, and decided to drive back to San Luis Obispo and stayed at the hostel there, which was a very nice place to stay. San Luis Obispo is a nice place, nice little town serving as a county seat with Cal Poly state collage in town. I called the hostel in Cambria and reserved Tuesday and Wedensday night.

Tuesday morning I drove to Morro bay which was a very nice town with a big rock in the bay. Had breakfast in Morro bay and drove to Cambria. Cambria is a wonderful little town off of the Pacific Coast Highway #1. The hostel was the best of the best, which I will be writing a separate review on The Bridge Street Inn Hostel in Cambria. I did a couple of tours at Hearst Castle, which I did find the tours very interesting.

From Cambria I drove the Pacific Coast Highway all the way up to Monterey which is a very stunning drive. I am thinking on writing a tour plan of highway one for anyone wanting to take a great road trip. My backpack and gear is great, perfect for leaving in November. I came across another valuable resource which will assist in the longevity of my travels.
I will be posting details and pictures soon.

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