A Free Day in Athens.

All the sites in Athens are free on Sundays during the winter.

Yesterday, I met two girls on the street from Slovakia; we walked around, had tea, and then had lunch. All the girls I have met from Slovakia have been friendly without a strong defense shield. You may be wondering how did this take place to have lunch with two attractive young girls. I approached them by asking if they would like me to take a picture of both of them with their camera, while they were taking a picture of each other. After I took the picture with both of their cameras, I always say “beautiful, beautiful, beautiful” all girls giggle and like the comment. We started to visit and walk around the main area of Athens and ended up having an excellent lunch.

For the male species, a man must not sexually objectify, nor possess any rotten energy of sexual desire. After all, women are human—not an object. Being a nice, friendly person without any alternative motive is a key quality of approaching female strangers.

Athens is an interesting city, within a street block, the area can be shifty and doggy, and two streets later, the area can be clean with a completely different atmosphere. One aspect here in Athens is that there are a lot of pretty girls, and friendly people.

Formally, I mentioned that I have been pondering the idea of changing my travel style. Eastern Europe will be an open field; I am not setting any time limits, nor planning far into the future. I would like to add a tent and sleeping bag, although that would require surrendering the computer. I am considering buying an iPod touch, but not any time soon. A person can log on to the Internet with any wireless connection with an iPod touch and store documents. The difficulty is writing without my own computer. I am losing interest writing about just traveling, I am more interest about the depths of reality.

By reading about Andy at Hobotraveler.com, I may be considering a different travel bag/backpack in the far future. You can view the different style of bags at MEI Travel Packs. I did receive a new backpack when in Israel; of course, the same style and brand, but I will not be adding the extra daypack on the front, too much bulk.

The process I been using this past month is working well by using Twitter for micro-blogging, uploading pictures to Flickr with a description—more micro blogging. Creating semi-short blog posts on ClearlyPersonal.com, and then using my travel blog for long article posts. This process is working out well. In addition, the new process of photos is working well and convenient.

I will be making some sort of change concerning my travel style. I do have an interest in staying in one place longer term. The organic farming is OK, although I do desire a flat of my own for at least three months at some point. A few travel bloggers that continually teach have commented that if a “traveler” stays in one place for three months, then the person is not a traveler—well, I’m OK with that—no problem, I am not much for labels anyway.

I’ve noticed that in Eastern Europe there are many different opportunities that a traveler could take advantage. The challenge of the Middle East is behind me, although successfully accomplished. I am extremely happy to be in Greece, and have looked forward to Eastern Europe, although without any expectations.

I am heading to Crete on Tuesday. I have a couch-surfing situation set up with three Greek Girls on Crete.

All provisions are provided within the moment—patience is vital—letting go the ego of self-interest is crucial to allowing the energy to decide the path. —ClearlyEnlight