A Return to Turkey!

I crossed over the border to Turkey on Wednesday and arrived in Istanbul. I stayed two nights at a very loud hostel and took the 12 hour bus to Cappadocia. The border crossing was comical. The customs decided to check all the bags of the buses, we were held up at the border for two hours. I was very surprised what people pack into their bags. Lots of pork products and whiskey/Rakia the customs officer confiscated from the Bulgarians.

From all the hostels I have experienced from the last two years an interesting dynamic never fails to amaze me: Europeans, Asians, Arabs, and everyone that is non Brit and non-American never snore. The only people that I have experienced in the last two years that snore—loudly like a barking cow—are Americans, what is the emotional dynamic and disposition of this subject? This is not an absolute generality, only my personal experience.

The last six to seven months I have only visited with two different Americans in Bulgaria. I have met a variety of Americans in Istanbul and Cappadocia. A total head rush viewing the obscured disposition of emotional baggage Americans project. The brainwashing that causes fear and ignorance is predominate within the emotional reality and minds of Americans, and, of course, around the world. However, identifying the detrimental disposition of congested emotional baggage that the media is causing is astonishing. The problem is that the false propaganda that is taught, most Americans are stupid enough to believe the garbage—totally remarkable.

This type of experience snuffs out any desire to return to America.

The fearful disposition that is a predominate quality among the masses of humanity is the result of indoctrination of fallacious propaganda. —CE