A Slight Change for the Departure.

So there is a slight change in events, and this is one example to remain in the moment and avoid futurist expectations. Since the collective consciousness fails at remaining the in the moment it is extremely easy to get caught up in futuristic thoughts.

So if I take the car I would have to return to close the company and sell the car, which could easily throw a non-flexible wrench in the pie. First there are some downsides of driving the car.

No cruse-control. My right leg would suffer having to be on the pedal continually. Even when I drove 3000 miles round trip to California and back in 1991 I had cruse-control.

The diesel here in Bulgaria has increased from 1.75 BG a liter to 2.25, and in other countries it will be more expensive.

Driving into any capital city would be a major headache.

The car is not secure. My cat was able to roll down the passengers window twice overnight to sleep in the car. Having camping gear and cooking stuff everything would be visible in the car overnight.

The car cannot carry much weight, thus, picking up hitchhikers is not ideal. I do enjoy picking up hitchhikers, most are backpackers themselves just needing a ride.

So Ideally, it would be best just to put the company in Boris’ name and the car goes with, but he will buy the car. This way I am detached totally, but, back to the original travel style.

It is a thorny straw to except in a certain way, but on the other hand the detachment is healthier; the car and the idea having to return to Bulgaria could become a monkey on the back. Instead, I will just have my backpack. Plus, I met many more people than if I am driving a car and camping, and this is what matters most, because the most serious conversations always occur.

So now you may wonder where I am going to head first?
I will decide when I get to the bus station.

The last winter has been very progressive. I accomplished everything that I had planned and even more.

BTY: Boris is taking my Cat.