A Small Excursion at a Cove.

I was able to catch a bee on this flower. If you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see how clear his two tiny wings sit on his back with a glass look.

Here are a couple of pictures I took up at Pigeon Point in the area of the cove. Very nice day with clear blue skies, although I also like the fog and coolness also. The cove, which can be accessed, is a wonderful place to hang out.

I am going to head south for four days in August. I’m going to stay at four different hostels. After this little excursion, I will have only two months until I leave this housing situation where I have lived the past three in a half years; then three months until I leave the country. Everything is going according to the time table. I will be selling all the big stuff (bed, massage table, etc..) starting September fifteenth.

Like I was saying, a person really needs to wonder what it is like living with a big bill (beak) like that. Amazing, the different kinds of flying creatures in the winged family. Major Glory of the Almighty Divine Source; Creator of All.