A Visit to Sofia and Departing Bulgaria Soon.

I visited Sofia for a couple days this last week. I got added pages in my passport at the US embassy and stay at the Hostel Sofia because Boris was out of town. The above picture is the Russian Style Ploshad Aleksander Nevksi Church located in the center of Sofia.

I met a wonderful Spanish girl that is attending school in Istanbul, we hung out for a day. The energetic cultural dynamics of the Mediterranean countries are very different than Bulgaria. The openness with close affectionate hugs are welcomed and refreshing compared to the conservative Bulgarian women. Bulgaria has been great, but the cultural conservativeness of how the Bulgarian women relate to foreigners is very odd.

So the time has arrived to leave Bulgaria after 13 months. Possibly a week from Monday I will head out if I can get everything together. The house is set up for the summer; Boris is taking an interest in the quite relaxing atmosphere of the village for the weekends as a break from the city.

Remember the story I wrote about the neighbor kids that the entire street outcasts because the parents live like gypsy’s but are Bulgarian? Well I can say that the kids are much happier this year. Just a little friendliness and respect goes a long way.

My plan is to travel through Romania, check out a few places like Dracula’s castle and head for Hungary. I am ready for some different cultures.

The above picture is the walkway in Plovdiv the second or third oldest city in Bulgaria and my favorite. The walkway spans the heart of the center. The McDonalds on the left the one of the first one built in Bulgaria, a place I avoid of course.

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  • Patricia May 21, 2010, 8:57 pm

    Hello Shawn!! thank you for your comment, for me was wonderful to meet you as well.
    I hope to see you again in somewhere.
    By the way, amazing blog and websites. I am checking all of them. I really admire your great effort and intelligence. No everybody can make it so well.
    All my support!!

  • Shawn May 22, 2010, 7:57 am

    Thanks for the comment Patricia, may we meet again if it is meant to be.