A Luxor West Bank Homestay.

The beautiful River Nile at Karnak. With my mind’s eye I could just see Moses turning the Nile into blood.

The west bank of Luxor has completly different energy compared to the East Bank, easy going for the most part, kind of the same as Al Qasr. The family I am staying with seems very nice. They are a very traditional Islamic family; I don’t view this a negative. There are positives and negatives to everything. Of course we are all getting to know one another, for the many that don’t speak English – the getting to know each other is on a energitic level. I get kind of lost on who is who because of the large extended family they have.

The Egyptian food the women cook is awesome, it doesn’t get better then this – dinner talk that is. The men eat first which is on the floor, everyone deeps into the bowl of rice, potatoes, whatever else, cooked in spices; fish some nights or beef, every night and morning is different, tea is always served after.

The people out here do live with a lot of submerged emotion – very sticky – certainly causing a factor of age. People that ask my age can’t believe it, then when I show them a picture of my 49 year old cousin who looks 30, or my Mom who is 71looking like 50, they fall off of their chair. Their own culture works against the people out here in Upper Egypt – change is impossible. Although for the most part people are friendly and kind. One thing that is manifested here in Egypt, which is an aflection all over the world, people suffer from boredom. It’s severe.

I will be with this family at least until a week from this Wenesday. The brothers will be bringing a group on a felucca trip from Aswan to Edfu. I might be going with them back to Aswan from Edfu starting a week from this Wenesday. Then I would just stay in Aswan for awhile, and hit Abu Simble for one night, after, start heading north.

I will be writing about the affects of tourism here in Luxor and about some deep cultural facts, which is common all over the world.

The pictures above of from the Temple of Krons the moon god at Karnak.