Short Bio/Why Travel?

Short Bio

I was born and raised in Minnesota. I moved to Honolulu in 1994 for two years, then to Ohio for three years. Lived in California the last eight years before I departed to travel in November of 2007.

Why Travel?

Many people ask, why am I traveling? the situation just happened—there’s no particular reason. I got the idea to travel the world in the year 2000 from a housemate that shared his world travels. During that same year, I met several people that traveled, although, one thing they had all in common was that they would save a lot of money—travel for awhile and come back, save more money and leave again. I decided a long time ago, once I leave—I will travel for a long time.

The reality of traveling eluded itself as an actuality until January of 2005. I found myself in an ideal economic situation. I worked and lived with a developmentally disable person. During this time, I started a small eBay business professional massage work. Working at home gave me plenty enough time to research and plan to travel. I kept my plans to myself except for sharing my ideas with my best friend. I began to share my plans with family and friends after I started blogging in May 2007.

Back in March 2006 and Beyond:

March 2006 I knew I would be leaving in the autumn in 2007. I researched the type of gear I wanted to bring and purchased everything by January 2007. I decided to leave the country November of 2007. I will be traveling at least 4 years, although it’s looking like from 5 to 7 years. From the spring of 2006, I started to sell all my material possessions. By November of 2007, I sold everything I owned except for my backpack with 25 pounds of gear.

About Travel Enlightenment:

Travel is based on the depths of long term traveling by observing the negatives and positives within each culture and country. I consider the history, current economic situation, past and current dynamics of government rule, and the dominating religious overtone within each country.

My travel writing consists of the positive and negative realities within the cultures, the travel industry, and basic human behavior with a blend of deep thinking concepts. In addition to studying the dynamics of a country, pictures of people, top sites, and beautiful landscapes are a highlight in this website.

My travels are slow. I learn more about the culture and meet many people by traveling slow.

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