An Aegean Update!

Just wanted to send a quick update where I have visited and where I am at in my time table.

I left Kas after a three night stay and transferred through Fethiye to Pumukkale, I decided not to stay in Fethiye, although it is an area that is popular with tourists.

In Pumukkale I spent two nights, an area where blogger was blocked. From Pumukkale I headed for Selcuk and visited Ephesus. I stayed at a wonderful pension called the Homeros Pension. The grandma cooks dinner with free wine for the rooftop sunset, I stayed three nights. In Selcuk blogger was also blocked, to my surprise. The last night I was there I was able to log on, I scheduled four posts on the sites I have visited, this scheduling feature on blogger is very handy.

At the Homeros pension I met some wonderful people, including a very nice guy from England, he is on a one-week holiday during mid-term, he teaches math. He rented a car for the week during his stay in Selcuk, and we hit some sites that would have been difficult to get to on public transportation.

Upon my departure from Selcuk, he was heading to Pergamum, we drove up to the area and we invited another couple from America that was living in Oman for 13 months that was heading that way. The situation worked out great, I couldn’t of ask for a better situation materializing in the moment.

From Pergamum, I took a bus to Behramkale. I will stay in Behramkale for a couple of nights and head to Troy. I will be arriving in Istanbul soon.