An Extended Stay—Bulgaria!

Some major developments have taken place here in Bulgaria, I will be nesting for a least a year, possibly longer. Boris and his mother offered me to live at his fathers house that has been vacant for the last five years in a town 50 kilometers east of Plovdiv. We are going to see the house before I leave for the next house sitting situation.

The house has a large garden, a kitchen with a wood stove, and well water. They are happy someone will be living in the house; it is healthy for the home, plus I will take care it, I just have to buy wood for the winter or get a permit to chop down a tree. I might have to pay the electric, too. I might have Internet from the Belgian neighbor, if not I will buy the Mobile USB Internet from Globul, or get some DLS piped into the house. The wireless mobile is the way to go, I can go anyplace, just about, in Bulgaria and log onto the Internet. I did buy a cell phone from Globul.

Boris’ long time lawyer friend is setting up the limited company that is essential to receive the long term visa. I will be opening up a bank account, however it will be a Euro account; right now the interest rate for a six month CD is a big whooping 8.50%.

I might buy a car, Boris has some contacts, and he is translating everything, and is always available for translation. Around next February, I think I will buy a new 15 inch Macbook Pro, I will wait until the new operating system—Snow Leopard—launches, and see if they upgrade the 15 inch with the fixed 8 hour battery. I will give Boris my white MacBook that I bought in Jordan, it is the least I can do, he is a great friend and very helpful.

It is meant for me to nest, and possibly live here in Bulgaria for a while. I am keeping my eye out to buy a house. I could pick one up for $5000, however, I will live at Boris’ father’s house for the next entire year. One option is if I would buy a house, I could work on it during the summer and live at the father’s house during the winter. I will be arriving at the house mid-July, after I house sit.

So what will this mean for the travel blog? I will keep blogging for all you loyal readers, I always have something to write about, and everyone will get a great dose of life in Bulgaria. Nevertheless, I will most likely, visit the Balkans, and other places of the area. I will visit Krakow, Poland at some point in time.

My company, Clearly Professional, has come out of hibernation in Bulgaria.

I will take the challenge and learn Bulgarian to the best of my ability, “inshala” on top of that comment.