An Introspective Outlook—Bulgaria.

Leaving for a time to a country that expresses a different character, belief system, energy, and mind-set, and then returning to Bulgaria is providing an introspective outlook. The atmosphere of the winter’s nest is private and mostly quite. It would make all the difference if the house were one kilometer out of the village. However, it is not; the house is within the village. Even though I live on a good street with nice neighbors, indeed though, the village is negative. I find it astonishing how the populace of a village, country, and culture can allow the powers of negativity to befall their personage. A clear result of watching negative passive television and utter boredom. Boredom leads to gossip. Gossip if not restrained leads into mocking, labeling, ridiculing; an unbridled tongue leads into a heart of jealousy and envy. Observing the negative entrainment of the Bulgarians generally, there is no wonder why this country progresses slowly. However, the negativity within the village is at an extreme.

The domination of the darkness (negativity) is an extremely powerful force. I have observed people experience an unwanted disagreeable situation and allowed the negative forces browbeat the unaware individual. Indeed, awareness of the powers behind the negative and positive energies is crucial. Yet, many individuals allow negativity into their lives through music, television, movies, and may choose atmospheres that the undercurrent of energy is an entrainment of negativity. It is an ironic concept, although affirmative. There are some people that prefer negativity, like a snake enjoying his dark hole. The predominant power of negativity within each area is a common theme throughout my travels, some locations are more unpleasant that are oppressed with a strong level of negativity. Contemplating that this whole world is under the domination of the wicked lower entities—the observation of negativity should not come as a surprise.

I am eagerly awaiting the cold winter; it will shut everyone inside. I will be set up to the point of having to head into the neighboring town once a week. This summer the village was slightly energetically draining, yet with school in session, and the cold slowly arriving everybody has slowed down wanting my attention. There are only a few situations that will force me to leave earlier than the spring: a kaput boiler, the water pipes freezing, or an allergy striking my senses. An allergy for myself is from an unfavorable atmosphere. Before I left Santa Cruz I was afflicted with an allergy for one year, which started exactly after my seven year mark of living in Santa Cruz. I found an acupuncturist that treated my system for a host of different allergies, however, this allergy was an atmospheric allergy that departed my chemistry once I departed from the area.

Even though there is a high percentage of negativity within the culture of Bulgaria, once a person is established, Bulgaria can be a pleasant place to reside. If a person wants to let their life pass-by like a mosquito bitting the behind of the flesh, then great, Bulgaria is for you; it is an easy place to let days just pass by eating sunflower seeds, and it seems like a twinkle of the eye. Having said that, it does depend on the disposition of the individual, for many expats Bulgaria is a great place to reside.