An Island Update.

I arrived to Bozcaada two nights ago, one of the two inhabited islands belonging to Turkey. It is a pleasant, relaxed island. The tourism season is over, although a few pensions are open. This time of year Bozcaada is very lazy and quite, I can feel that my body needs rest, which I did take in some well needed naps.

Today, I will be heading out to visit Troy and then to Canakkale. I might cross the Dardanelles to tour the world war one sites of Gallipoli, I haven’t decided yet.

I have posts scheduled for the next week of the sites I have visited.

Last Sunday, turning the clocks back took me by surprise, I found out of the time change at the bus station in Pumukkale. I’m always an hour ahead when the sun goes down. I would always prepare myself a month ahead of turning the clocks back or forward. I would tell my system what time it will be for a whole month and then the change was no big deal.

Currently, I only notice the difference in the evening since last Sunday. Even so, I seem to be getting more rest from the time change.