Back at the Winter Nest—Bulgaria.

I am back at the winter nest in Bulgaria. After ten days, it is much colder and I did fire-up the wood burning stove. I can say that this stove will be extremely efficient, and burning coal is the ultimate; coal burns hotter and much slower than wood. My cat is extremely jubilant concerning my return; he stayed in the house all day mingling and fraternizing my legs and sleeping on my bed. However, the outdoor experience in the rain and chilliness is good for him. When I leave for a week in January, he will get a great experience of growth being out in the winter. The neighbor girls stopped over twice a day to feed him, and the five year old boy across the street didn’t hang little Misty. I don’t think the little brat could catch Misty, although he has caught birds and strung them around the neck for a slow death. One aspect about cats, they are incredible survivors in the cold, rain, and snow.

The discrepancies, culturally, between Turkey and Bulgaria is extraordinary, in the context that there is only a minor comparison. The main aspect of Turkey is the dogmatically positioned nature resulting from the powers of programed indoctrination of Islam—the positives and negatives exist. The Turkish people are pleasant and friendly, and Turkey is an easy country to visit compared to Egypt. From my village, Istanbul is only a six-hour bus ride. I did want to return to an area where I visited prior to grasp the perception of familiarity and the dynamics upon return to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a strange country in reference to the easy going cultural disposition. Bulgaria is refreshing after ten days among a dogmatically positioned culture. I’ve adverted to prior that once a person is set-up, and not need to cause a complication by accomplishing a task, or dealing with the bureaucracy of the country; Bulgaria is an amiable place to experience and dwell. I found it refreshing to return. Even my village, with the streets lined with cow shit, and many village dwellers ignorant and negative; the traditional lifestyle and familiarity of my neighbors, and their strange social behavior is a relaxed comical event. Although, after time spent, the atmosphere in Bulgaria transmutes. My English friends in the mountains commented concerning the impression of first arrival, return, or a continued stay. They live 16 kilometers from the town where I house sat for five weeks. When I visited two weeks ago, the beautifully isolated area is extremely refreshing. But, living there an extended time, the area can become oppressive because of its isolation and the dilatory progression of Bulgaria. The dynamic of the dilatory progression in Bulgaria is what causes a burdensome energetic undercurrent. However, the nonchalant mind-set—if balanced—is attractive, suitably, balance is the key, which is not always attained from the locals.

The positive side of the Bulgarian culture in respects to the humor, the friendliness, and lenient perspective stance I experience to be pleasant.