Birds of a Feather ?

Flock together as the saying goes. With my camera I have been using the feature that allows me to take a close up picture from a distance to capture a fast moving creature that can fly or run away in a quick hurry.

When I lived in Ohio I got into Parrots. I did some Parrot rescue and got into breeding Cocktails. Raising any type of bird I found to be a sure pleasure in life. I am more of a bird lover then cat lover. I just ended up with Kuttles (scroll down to meet him). Kuttles could not handle a bird of any kind in the house, something like that would drive him nuts. He would be beside himself continually and ready to come out of his skin.

Parrots can bond even closer then a cat or dog. It certainly takes lots of research and study due to the fact that a parrot can easily wear the pants in the house and you could end up with a headache that will motivate you to seek a divorce. Once the parrot grows to bond and even “loves” the owner they can be the best of friends as long as they know who the boss is. They express their love by trying to regurgitate and try to feed their owner. I found it to be a romantic gross type of expression. My Indian Ring Neck tried to feed me all the time. They are great pets to have breakfast with, potato’s and egg’s gobbled right on down. All my birds loved pizza, they would be bobbling their heads every time I came home with some. Although feeding them seed should only be a treat. Once a parrot is a seed junkie it can be very difficult to change them. Pellets are the food to feed a parrot on a regular basics.

The Cockatoo becomes the most enmeshed. The African Grey’s are the smartest of all the parrots with the intelligence of a five year old kid. The trick is to buy one from a known breeder right when they are weaned or better yet finish the hand feeding yourself only if you have the skill to do so. You can teach them anything at that age such as wearing body harness for outside walks for protection against diving Hawks over head and other such things. “Take a lesson from the birds” From the scriptures and very true.

I am hoping to get some good shots of different kinds of birds as I travel. I will be posting some pictures of the coast along highway 1 soon.

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