Camping Holidays in France: Great Weather and Fantastic Locations

When your thinking of booking your summer holidays do you ever think of going camping? If the answer is no I bet I can second guess that one of the main reasons you would not consider a camping holiday is unpredictable weather conditions. There is however an opportunity to get abroad on a camping holiday and enjoy some glorious sunshine that is almost guaranteed. Camping holidays in France provide that great outdoor living feeling that you can expect to get from camping holidays in the UK but with the added bonus of warm and sunny conditions.

Exploring the regions of France

The French and the rest of Europe as a whole are fanatical about camping and so France plays host to thousands of great campsites for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you have a tent of your own or not because there are lots of pre-prepared options on the market and there are also lots of opportunities to enjoy the country with a motor home. Thomson Al Fresco is a great operator to use if you are thinking of going on a camping holiday abroad. They have details of a vast number of campgrounds all over the most popular regions and booking is simple and easy through their website. I’ll take you through my favourite locations within France to go camping to help you make your mind up.


Camping near Paris is one of my favourite locations because it actually plays host to some lovely countryside and it is also very close to the neighbouring city of Lyon. Paris is easily accessible via car and there are plenty of sights to take in whilst you are there including the world famous Eiffel Tower.

If the kids prefer something a little more ‘fun’ they will be happy to know that Disneyland Paris is one of the very best theme parks in the whole of the EU.

The Alps:

If you like to go climbing and hiking the Alps will provide you with the perfect get away. The Alps have an incredible number of spectacular walks to cater for any level of walker and the lakes and valleys provide some of the most stunning scenery in the whole of Western Europe. There are plenty of small towns and villages scattered between the mountains which have a large number of great restaurants within them that serve up some of the finest cuisine in the region.


This location is unsurprisingly a favourite with most Brits and also the kids. Brittany boasts some of the largest and sandiest beaches that France has to offer and they are scattered with hidden coves and also rock pools which will keep the kids entertained.

For those of you who like to enjoy camping off the beaten track there are also opportunities to partake in some wild camping, but only in designated areas. Farmers will commonly let you camp on their fields if you pay them a small amount of money on arrival.

This is an article by Tom Watson who is a travel blogger who likes to share his experiences that he has from camping holidays in France.