The Capital City of Belgrade—Serbia.

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I rolled into Belgrade in Serbia from Banja Luka on the double decker express bus that cruses through Croatia. Much faster because of the express highway on the flatland that spans from Belgrade and Zagreb, but two border controls. Interesting enough, Bosnia does not stamp the passport for the entry or exit.

Fortress of Belgrade, serbia

At the Fortress of Belgrade

I found an amiable hostel, a six-bed dorm with air-conditioning and Internet; last night I was the only person in the room, but today there is one person in the room, a least for now. Tomorrow though, I think I will move to the twin shared room for only $5 more. There are several different prices for different rooms here at this hostel/hotel. The average price for a hostel bed is from $12.00 up to $20.00; a private room starts at $30.00. But, no lockers in the hostel rooms, but each person has a key.

Walkway Belgrade, Serbian Buildings

Belgrade Architecture

Belgrade has a long pedestrian walkway that spans the center of the city and runs to the fortress called the Kalemegdan Citadel. Belgrades Citadel sits where the Sava River connects the mighty Danube River. The citadel area is very spacious with its parklike setting. Many of these public areas everywhere I have traveled young romantic couples make-out on the beaches, except for like in Cairo, the romantics will only hold hands.

A Strange Kitten Incident:

When I was walking out of the Citadel there was a man with a tall ladder who was trying to rescue a kitten from a tree. Unfortunately, the kitten was very high in the tree; the kitten fell to the ground when the man attempted the rescue. I would say the fall was about 70 feet or higher, and the kitten broke his back, or something that prevented his back legs to function. So most onlookers were astounded, some disgusted, and just stood there with some girls crying over the incident. I approached a young girl and said that the kitten is suffering and will not recover, and he should to be terminated of its misery. She translated and I took the kitten and attempted to drown it in the water fountain 10 meters away.

Sounds morbid I know, but why let an animal suffer? This kitten would not allow itself to breath underwater. So another group analyzed the kitten. I explained that if they want to save the kitten they need to bring to a veterinarian and claim ownership (the kitten was a stray), or terminate him from his misery by drowning it or cutting his throat. But, the cutting of the throat would have been somewhat nasty with blood and everything. Nobody was interested in taking the kitten to a veterinarian. It is understandable, people are busy and why spend the money? Wondering about my Pet View?

An Excellent Conversation:

The girl whom I approach that translated to the group of onlookers were busy conversing to each other between this entire episode, and we looked over to the water fountain and someone took the kitten; we are not too sure the end result. Couple of the girls that were selling sweets and trinkets were crying and distraught. If you are wondering, I am not the sensitive type, I contemplate reality within the moment, and the context of the situation is when a kitten climbs a tree, just leave him, he will figure it out in due time. I am against letting an animal suffer.

I ended having a pleasant conversation with the girl that helped translate. She will be 18 in November and she is a girl that can hold on to an intelligent conversation and a very nice person. I am very impressed on her frame of mind. My first impression of Belgrade is positive and there are many pretty girls. Since Sofia in Bulgaria, Belgrade is the largest city here in the Western Balkans—Skopje, Tirana, and Sarajevo are much smaller cities.

In the last month, I have been doing a survey asking girls several questions. First Question: Do you believe in love at first site? Most girls answer No. Yet, through discussing the dynamics of the context, we do agree that upon first meeting someone there can be deep feelings of chemistry and a powerful inner connection, I have experienced this situation multiple times. Love takes time along with trust and honesty and many young gals here in the Balkans comprehend this context. Second Question, Subject High Heels: Do you wear High heels? If the answer is Affirmative, then I ask—Are High Heels comfortable? Most will say after about an hour—No, some will say a flat out No. Then I will ask—considering the non-comfort, what do high heels do for You? Mostly the same answers across the board—High Heels make them look pretty, sexy, taller, and generates confidence. But, the confidence is external not internal.

I find this fascinating.

The young girl selling sweets agreed, and we conversed within an intelligent high level conversation. I think I visit her again. If I experience a pleasant conversation with a female I ask to take a picture—the visual timestamps the memory.

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  • Dave and Deb July 18, 2010, 2:05 pm

    So sad about the cat. I hope that the people that took it away either helped it or put it out of its misery. If the guy would have just left it alone, it probably wouldn’t have fallen out and it would have come down eventually on its own:(

    • Shawn July 18, 2010, 2:55 pm

      Yeah I know what you mean, sad incident, but while traveling I have seen some strange stuff happen concerning animals, I am sure you two have also. But no animal shelters in this neck of the woods.