Packing is the bane of many a traveler’s existence to say the least, many putting it off until it is almost too late to pack. Whether a long or short trip, it always feels inevitable that something will be forgotten, and even if it isn’t, one usually feels like they have forgotten something. If you’re Read more

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Kensington, like the gardens to which it gives its name, is perhaps London’s prettiest area. It owes much of its beauty to the exquisite architecture on display, dating from the height of Georgian opulence, and on through the Victorian era. It’s a choice slice of the British Empire in west London. A key part of Read more

Tourists taking international flights into Egypt can see many famous sights within the country. Many of these places have existed since ancient times and hold some of the world’s greatest mysteries. Here are 10 worthwhile sights to see: The Karnak Temple Complex: 

This elaborate complex, which lies within the ancient city of Thebes, features historic Read more

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If you’re planning a city break in one of the great tourist cities of the world, the most important thing is to get the right deal on a hotel. For many people, this means hunting for the cheapest deals, but in cities like London or Paris, with literally thousands of hotels to choose from, price Read more