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I arrived from Greece to Bulgaria and couch-surfed for three weeks total and house-sat for 8 weeks total. The person I couch-surfed with said I could live at their vacate house in a small village.

I stayed in Bulgaria for 13 months and 2 days living traditionally throughout the winter.

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Looking for a new place to travel to this summer? If you love exploring new lands and prefer to vacation in places that haven’t yet been tainted by the human hand, I recommend Bulgaria. Here are the top 4 reasons why Bulgaria makes for the perfect vacation spot: Gorgeous landscapes – Not yet a top Read more

Currently, I am residing in a small town called Hisar (Hisarya) in Bulgaria until the end of August. Hisar is truly a beautiful area located on the southern folds of Sredna Gora Mountain of the Balkan Mountains. Continue Reading More @ Cycling Nomad Read more

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I decided to nest in Bulgaria for the summer. My flight was canceled from Berlin that connects in Prague to Skopje. So I decided to jump on a train to Prague, visit for a day, and then catch the flight to Skopje. Visiting Prague for a day was plenty of time after visiting many cities Read more

So everything is getting taken care of like clock work. We transferred the company in Boris’ name; the car, the internet contract, and my cell phone sim-card goes with, it worked out great. Tomorrow I will say goodbye to Mitko and his family, and also Maria, my female friend that live in the neighboring town.On Read more

So there is a slight change in events, and this is one example to remain in the moment and avoid futurist expectations. Since the collective consciousness fails at remaining the in the moment it is extremely easy to get caught up in futuristic thoughts. So if I take the car I would have to return Read more

I visited Sofia for a couple days this last week. I got added pages in my passport at the US embassy and stay at the Hostel Sofia because Boris was out of town. The above picture is the Russian Style Ploshad Aleksander Nevksi Church located in the center of Sofia.I met a wonderful Spanish girl Read more

The pictures posted are from the Bachkovo Monastery and the Asenovgrad Castle that I visited a couple of weeks ago. Bulgaria isn’t always noticed as a major tourist destination, although there are 525 sites and landmarks that are presented on a handy dandy map you can purchase upon arrival.Strange artwork wouldn’t you say. This artwork Read more

There are many blogs that I have discontinued reading, only because I am busy with more important subjects, and some blogs just are not adventurous or provide the depth that I enjoy reading. Possibly, my travel blog has been boring for many, but I am not trying to create a large crowd. Yet, there are Read more

So Mitko’s cat, my friend in the neighboring town had three cute little kittens.His family and I took an outing over by the mountain in the south and visited a very old monastery and a castle that was a stronghold for the passage into the valley. I will post some of the pictures soon.This Mitko Read more