Today a person left me a note on my truck having an interest in buying it – I don’t have a for-sale sign on it. A young lady in need of a truck, I called the number and they were over within fifteen minutes and left me a deposit for the truck and will pay Read more

Getting down to the nitty gritty in life. I find that smaller items are ending up in my backpack. It’s OK for now because I know that I will just decrease when need be. The biggest problem is packing books. I must limit the number of books; two should be the max, one travel book Read more

Two weeks to go and I have everything sold except my truck (I started to write this post 9/30/07). The lady that bought my bed for her daughter is interested in my truck. At the moment she is in need of transportation and is willing to wait until November ninth for the sale. Selling things Read more

Here are a couple of more shots of the van art. I thought of writing about a few concepts of what people have said, based on perception, regarding my plan to travel for so long. Considering that everyone does have their own perception, using a listening ear, I have found it to be very interesting Read more

This is a picture of a van art I shot down in Santa Barbara. Everything is winding down fairly quickly for my departure into a lifestyle of a nomad. I have decided to leave my housing situation October 16th. I am going to visit Yosemite from the 16th through the 22nd. The HI-Midpines hostel is Read more

This is the beach at Cambria. During my four in a half day excursion, I stayed at four different hostels. The Bridge Street Inn Hostel in Cambria is the best of the best. Within the network of hostelling international, and half way between San Fransisco and Los Angeles, this hostel is the perfect stop during Read more

When I was down in Cambria staying at the Bridge Street Inn, the owner reveled an incredible resource, which will be key, at longevity; living the life of a nomad. I have been wondering for awhile now, about working on farms, for an exchange of room and food. I know myself quite well, I will Read more

Here are a few pictures of Santa Barbara. It is a truly beautiful area. Lot of tourism during the summer. Very much like Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz does have a nicer wharf though.The picture was taken from the wharf which gives great views of the city. One thing I was very surprised over was the Read more

My four day excursion was very nice and relaxing, in actuality it was four in a half days. I was able to leave Sunday afternoon. I drove down to Nipomo, which is just north of Santa Maria. I had planned only Wednesday and Thursday night with reservations, which was in Cambria and Monterey. Decided to Read more