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I travel Greece for two months. I visited Crete for two weeks. Then I stayed on an organic farm for two weeks in the area of Northwest Peloponnese and then traveled Peloponnese down to the Beautiful Mani coast. Then Athens, and traveled north to Bulgaria.

the Acropolis, the most important landmarks in Greece

I think one of the biggest reasons that people travel to Greece is the fact that most of us have heard so much about it. The land of the mighty Parthenon and the Acropolis, Greece is both exotic as well as mystical. We all have studied the ancient Greeks in our history class; we all Read more

Athens at night.I decided to stay in Athens one more day. I have been overly tired and my digestion is slightly off balance. Also, my muscles from walking up the many stairs in Nafplio and Mystras are sore. So, I will take a day of rest on this rainy, gloomy day in Athens and tomorrow Read more

The pictures are of a panorama view from the hotel, although not in order. If you are reading from the RSS feed or e-mail, you might want to visit my Flickr page for supplemental pictures.I arrived in Nafplio last Friday from Sparta. Nafplio is situated on the Argolic Gulf in the northeast Peloponnese. Most of Read more

The city and region of Sparta is most popular from its history. Today, Sparta is nothing to speak of considering the energy of oddity that it possesses. Even so, most people will find themselves in Sparta to visit Mystras.The engulfment of Sparta’s history relates to the military and the infamous hoplite. The most popular battle Read more

Mystras resides six kilometers from Sparta. Mystras is a former city that is built upon a high hill, consisting of a lower city, an upper city, and the castle at the top of the plateau. In 1249 CE, the fortress found its foundation; the Franks built the fortress. The Byzantines defeated the Franks and made Read more

On Monday, I traveled from Kardamili to Areopoli, which is south on the Mani Coast of Peloponnese. Areopoli is named after Ares, the God of War, who correlates with Auman of Egypt, Bel of Sumer, and Baal of the Canaanites. Areopoli is a site of the Greek War of Independence as in Kardamili. Today, Areopoli Read more

On Friday I trekked up the small town of Mavormati and Ancient Messini. The Taygetos Mountains divide Sparta and Messinian Mani, and Messinia. The route from Kalamata to Sparta requires climbing to the Langada Pass and change buses. Because of this mountain division, the domination of Sparta upon Messinia deteriorated around 370 BCE, after 350 Read more

I took a day trip to Pylos from Kalamata yesterday. Pylos processes an immense natural harbor. Pylos is a picturesque town that resides with an absorbing history. From Pylos I took a bus up to Nestor’s Palace and then hitchhiked to the museum at the small town of Hora.Nestor is a mythical hero who fought Read more

In Ancient times, the Olympics were the most prominent and distinguished sporting event in the world. Countries and states would shortly terminate their conflicts, disagreements, and battle against each other in the sporting arena. The games lasted one thousand years until Theodosius the First abolished the games in 394 CE. The first official Olympic games Read more