The Archives of Traveling India—2010-2011

I flew to India on my 3rd year anniversary of travels after traveling from Egypt to Northern Europe.

India has a long tradition of donating riches to their deities, a practise continued through ages. History is replete with instances where invaders came looking for the treasures stashed inside temples. The temples in India are abundantly rich with possessions that it is still not possible to record and value all of their assets. Take Read more

India is a land of rich cultural history. Many forts or historical castles were built all over the country under the rule of the Rajputs and the Mughals. Stepping into these forts gives a strange feeling as if the observer is being transported back in time, and any minute now a host of queens will Read more

spiritual headquarters Varanasi

Spirituality fills your soul when you hear or think about Varanasi. This sacred land, blessed by the holy waters of the great Ganges is indeed a spiritual headquarter for our country but there are also other places to be seen, foods to be eaten, nature to be appreciated and moreover, there is lots of fun Read more

Enjoy indian food while traveling india

Indian cuisine is made up of hundreds of regional cuisines which can be traced back thousands of years. The dishes consist, primarily, of spices, herbs, lentils, rice, bread, potatoes, and vegetables. Hindu beliefs have played a large role in the formation of Indian cuisine, as well as the influence of other cultures that have come Read more

The river spree in Berlin Germany

The Departure out of India proved to be pleasant because gradually I became very tired of the ultra-loud, dusty, and dirty streets of India. Sorry to say, but India is a garbage dump. The clean and quite infrastructure of Berlin is a welcoming site compared to dirty and smelly India. And, after being in India Read more

calcutta site seeing

My last stop in India is the Capitol City of New Delhi. Within each city of Bombay, Calcutta, and Delhi resides a tourist/backpacker area—I consider these areas as backpacker ghettos. Any city you choose to initially fly into will most likely be the city you dislike the most. Many travel bloggers write negatively about Delhi Read more

Sasaram india

Traveling India proves to be challenging for many travelers. There are several dynamics you will want to consider in preparation before you set out on your adventure. All Budget and Mid-Range Hotels have Hard Beds. This entire country uses florescent lighting. All buildings are made from Cement with odd bright color paint. The Food is Read more

the river in varanasi

During my stay in Varanasi the nicest person I met is a guy named Sanjay that offers massages. Early in my stay, I was down at the Main Ghat and many guys offer massages, haircuts, and shaves, the person I first met talked me into getting a massage right on the Ghat, and his massage Read more

tibet prayer flags in Sikkim

I will be departing soon from Varanasi and India itself. Most of you know I will be heading to Berlin for about 5 weeks. Then I decided to camp out in Macedonia. The last time I only stayed two weeks in Macedonia. Orchid is very cheap, beautiful, and excellent food; I might also visit Bulgaria Read more