I received an anonymous comment and here is my response. Here is a fine example when a person attempts to justify the subject by changing the context. Keep in mind the context of the article is the Jews entering Palestine through the door of war.Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “The Truth—1947 Read more

Throughout the three months of visiting Israel, I have continually searched for the truth of what happened from the partition of Palestine in November 1947 to the time the Jews proclaimed their independent state in May of 1948, which the Arab states attacked.The younger generation is clueless within their opinionated colorization of the situation. The Read more

I just posted over 300 pictures of Israel to Shutterfly. I have a few more important articles concerning about Israel I will be posting Read more

When exposing the truth of a government, religion, or a cultural entity, it is crucial to not generalize and combined the common people within the context. Generalizing the common people, racism is at the doorstep; people are a product of their upbringing, most are subjected to automatic behaviors and do not know any better because Read more

I decided to head back to Haifa today, I will visit Caesarea tomorrow with the car. Today I drove the Golan, and on the way back to Haifa, I drove through Cana, and Nazareth, two predominately Arabs towns. In the Bible, Cana is the town that Jesus turned the water into wine; Cana is just Read more

The last few days I have been driving around the North and the Golan. I met a young person at the hostel in Haifa and invited him to see Megiddo and Beit-She’an; two places that are difficult to visit independently like most of the sites here in Israel. We discussed and agreed that Israel is Read more

I visited Jericho today that is considered Palestine. How is the region considered Palestine? Entering Jericho you have to drive through an Israeli checkpoint, half a kilometer we pass a checkpoint of the Palestinian police/authority, they gave us a piece of candy as a welcome gesture. Entering Jericho you view the Palestinian flag, their cars Read more

Masada, situated high above the Dead Sea, the rock flat plateau is where King Herod built an impressive palace. Masada proved to be the last bastion for the Jewish Zealots against Rome in 73/74 CE. In the end the Jewish Zealots killed each other with the last committing suicide.The story of Masada was recorded from Read more

I posted an article concerning the travel industry and writers on enough, just today a popular travel blogger decided to surface his honesty despite what other travel writers or bloggers might think. Nomadic Matt revealed there is no secrets to long term travel. It’s true, there are no tricks to the trade. Using a Read more