A couple of days ago I wondered around East Jerusalem. Between the Damascus Gate and the Herod Gate remains a rock quarry that dates from the times of King Solomon. During the era of the first temple, this rock quarry provided stone for many building which they used throughout the ages. Today, the entrance is Read more

I posted information about the First and Second temple eras of Jerusalem and of the City of David on, in addition to adding many pictures.Staying in Israel for a length of time it is clearly noticeable that Western interests are manipulating the situation of the Palestinians. After the partition in 1948, nobody really ascertains Read more

The knowledge of the story of Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus is worldwide, the manger, wise men, Joseph and Mary trekking down to Bethlehem from Nazareth. The Church of Nativity found its beginning early in Christendom’s era—it’s the oldest continuously operating church. In 326, the era of corruption for the followers of Jesus, the Read more

On Friday, I went walking through the old city of Jerusalem. I found myself at the western wall and took the above picture. In addition to Islam and Orthodox/Catholic Christianity, the men in Judaism are favored over the women. The men own the largest area of the wall. Although, the wall itself is small compared Read more

Today I arrived in Jerusalem by bus and found the flat, which is walking distance from the central bus station. The flat is basic, but clean and livable, although slightly cold. Jerusalem itself is quite cold in the winter, even though, there’s no comparison to the Upper Midwest of America at this time of year.Mount Read more

I’ve been slowly contemplating different hosting sites, blogging sites, photo sites—It’s a toss up choosing what direction to pursue. Slowly, I have been studying, although there are several features that Blogger offers that Wordpress does not, I will be sticking with blogger, but I might change the template. If I were into podcasting, and Read more

I started a new photo site. It was a toss up between Picasa or Flickr; both sites are integrated with Mac, although Flickr and Facebook are appended to the new iPhoto 09. I decided with Flickr, and you can reach my Flickr site from the side bar, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed.I Read more

Today the sister of the family of the organic farm is driving me to her brothers house. I will have the place to myself and should be able to stay for a week, although I am going to ask if I can stay two weeks.I responded to an ad for a room with an Israeli Read more

A few days ago I visited Akko (Arce). A colorful history surrounds Akko dating from the nineteenth BCE. Situated as an important port, Alexander the Great established a mint here in 333 BCE. The Egyptian Ptolemites took control of Akko after the death of Alexander. In 200 BCE, the Ptolemites lost Akko to the Syrian Read more