I just added over a 250 pictures to Shutterfly. For some reason the slide show stopped working. I will try to fix the problem – for now visit this link to view pictures of Jordan.Yesterday I did a day trip around the Jordan valley, I hooked up with a French girl who is in school Read more

I have found Madaba to be a very interesting place. Certainly a town that is easy going and known for its superb, historically significant Byzantine era mosaics. I must say the mosaics are of beautiful artwork. Very stunning mosaics made from very small stone. I, of course, don’t support the images they produce that are Read more

A Major Update: I have had some major developments happen lately. First I have a couch-surfing situation for a few nights when I get to Amman. In Karak I met two American women, one who has been living in Beirut since August. They rented a car for their holiday here in Jordan and were heading Read more

I arrived in Karak today. I was in Dana for two nights. A wonderful little stone village from the 15th century, a beautiful area to visit. The hotel was very relaxed and I met some very nice people. I will be staying in Karak for three days and then off to Madaba for three or Read more

Day two was much more fascinating then the first day. I certainly recommend to take at least two days to visit Petra. This morning I headed for the High Place of Sacrifice, I again decided to take a donkey up. My lungs took a beating climbing Mount Sinai, I have never really had strong lungs Read more

I decided to head to Petra, the reason being is because on the weekends many people come down to Aqaba because of the sea. When I did arrive the hotel did say that they were booked starting on Thursday night, plus the price goes up. All the other hotels were charging to much or were Read more

Well the exit out of Egypt was a joke which I did expect. At the ticket office I met a Japanese women, an Australian guy, and a very comical, super cool guy from Los Angels, we all decided to hook up for the trip to Jordan. The American guy and I got a long great Read more