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If you’re looking for a place that has a rich culture, warm people and beautiful architecture, then Lebanon is the place to be. Lebanon, officially called the Republic of Lebanon, is a country that is bordered by the gorgeous Mediterranean sea in the east, shares a border with Syria on the north and east sides Read more

A quick note: I have uploaded about 60 pictures of Lebanon to Shutterfly. Shutterfly changed their interface, it is very nice.I am getting ready to head out for Turkey on Sunday or Monday. Since I will be in the region of the Mediterranean I may visit Beirut again, because the woman that I have become Read more

The personal friendship with the beautiful woman from the coffee shop is the highlight of staying in Beirut. Young, but mature, a deep person of common sense with a good heart—a women that enjoys deep conversations. She is a person who can see within myself, although much deeper than the average women. A connection of Read more

An update: I will be heading to Turkey soon, most likely this Friday. I will be taking a bus to Aleppo for one night and then take a bus to Antakya. From Antakya, I will head to Diyarbakir a Kurdish town. From there, I will be head to the most eastern towns by Mount Ararat Read more

Last Saturday, along with visiting Sidon I also visited Tyre. Tyre suffered during the civil war and war with Israel; there is a strong UN presence and a large Palestinian camp in the area. The history of Tyre dates from the third millennium BCE. Originally, Tyre was an island city that stood firm, and averse Read more

On Saturday, I took an excursion down south to Sidon and Tyre. Common belief dictates that the south of Lebanon is unsafe. The Shia presence, and the prior border conflicts with Israel has contributed to the perception of the media that flows over to the public. I found that this perception is untrue; southern Lebanon Read more

These pictures are from Egypt, although edited, and some of my favorites. I will be heading south for a day trip this weekend, and will have some new pictures and posts of Tyre and maybe Sidon.Reflecting on the last seven months of travel: the best food was when I stayed with the Egyptian family in Read more

The humidity here in Beirut has lowered in the last few days. On a semi-overcast day, I decided to go walking along the seaside and take a few pictures.Reflecting over the last eight months has been meditative process. Related to the traveling subject – The Pyramids of Egypt is the most influential, outstanding site. The Read more

I just had a few things arrive through the mail and your looking at one of the items, which is my business card. Having these cards will just make life easier, without having to explain my story repeatedly that incites jealousy within the majority of other travelers. I can just hand out my card that Read more