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I am still here in Belgrade and contemplating when I should head back to Bosnia, I will be arriving at the flat in Sarajevo on the 27th to rent for August; the lady of the home is leaving on the 28th. I am comfortable where I am staying here in Belgrade with fast Internet, air-conditioning Read more

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Belgrade, overshadowed with a stereotype reputation from the propaganda of the Balkan wars in the early 90’s and the Kosovo issue, yet the social city of Belgrade manifests good food, pretty girls and social friendliness. Many young backpacking travelers visit Belgrade for the party sceen that overflows into the hostels with drinking and sex. People Read more

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I rolled into Belgrade in Serbia from Banja Luka on the double decker express bus that cruses through Croatia. Much faster because of the express highway on the flatland that spans from Belgrade and Zagreb, but two border controls. Interesting enough, Bosnia does not stamp the passport for the entry or exit. I found an Read more