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Assos is an area where the sole Temple of Athena stood which was built in the Doric style. The top of the hill of the town provides excellent views of the coastline of Turkey. Along the hill there are good solid remains of the city walls. The theater is built at the bottom of the Read more

Heading out of Selcuk, I contemplated to visit Pergamum, conveniently, Gram was heading that way and we invited a couple from California that lived in Oman for the last 13 months. After visiting the site, Gram dropped us off at the bus station and I caught a bus to Behramkale. I can say, Gram, who Read more

I have had some situations develop lately. I have contacted the organic farm by phone in Israel for the month of December. We have confirmed the situation and I will have my own space with wireless Internet. They have had other Americans on their farm in the past, too. The farm is about twenty minutes Read more

Someone said: “I have neglected that true purpose.”Rumi replied: When this thought enters a person’s mind and they criticize themself, saying, “What am I about, why do I do those things?” When this happens it is sure proof that God loves them, and cares for them. “Love continues so long as reprimands continue,” said the Read more

I just added over 300 pictures to shutterfly.Along with visiting Didyma and the Temple of Apollo, Gram and I stopped at Miletus, once a major Roman city. A grand city is was that served as a harbor, the seashore is much further away today. During the time of the first century the great theater was Read more

I arrived to Bozcaada two nights ago, one of the two inhabited islands belonging to Turkey. It is a pleasant, relaxed island. The tourism season is over, although a few pensions are open. This time of year Bozcaada is very lazy and quite, I can feel that my body needs rest, which I did take Read more

During my stay in Selcuk, Gram the English guy, and I took a day trip to Didyma where the Temple of Apollo once existed.The ruins are spectacular within this singular Temple of Apollo where the oracle, similar to Delphi in Greece, once existed. Alexander the Great stopped here at the Temple of Apollo to receive Read more

Pumukkale is well known for its brightly white calcium formations that are call the Travertine pools. Pumukkale means “Cotton Castle”, which is proper, the white hill viewed from a distance is unique. Tourism ruined the pools from the 1980’s and 90’s and now the Travertine pools are empty, many people are disappointed visiting the site Read more

Just wanted to send a quick update where I have visited and where I am at in my time table.I left Kas after a three night stay and transferred through Fethiye to Pumukkale, I decided not to stay in Fethiye, although it is an area that is popular with tourists. In Pumukkale I spent two Read more